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Amar Background

Today no festival in his mohalla is complete without Amar playing the drums. Amar has been working as a newspaper delivery boy since he was eight to support the meager family income. His father works as a coolie (porter) at the local station and mother works as a maid to feed the family of seven.

Living a rough life on the streets, Amar had become short-tempered and aggressice and had started picking up fights at the slightest excuse. It was at this point that his mother got him enrolled at a Mission Education centre in Mumbai, hoping for her son to have a better life.

Education Had

Amar is now hopeful of becoming a police inspector. He shares, “People quarrel all the time where we stay. I love this centre now.”

Smile Foundation’s Mission Education programme has so far directly put more than 200,000 children like Amar into the path of empowerment through education.

Amar was restored to the right path, but thousands of underprivileged children like him get lost in the relentless maze of poverty and take up illegal activities, unhealthy habits and unmindfully destroy what could have potentially been a bright future. They are never taught the difference between right and wrong.

You can help them learn and understand that difference.


Donate now! Support a child!

* Name of the boy has been changed to protect his identity

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